Follow-up Treatments & Scheduling Follow-ups

Cleanout treatments are designed to “knock down” pest populations that have built up in the structure. A cleanout must be done if the span between follow-up treatment is more than 40 days (unless you are on a 100 day plan – in which case you must take your follow-up with in 110 days).

Although we do not bind you to a long term contract as other pest control companies do, we highly recommend regular follow-up applications for pest protection. They are designed to keep your home in a controlled condition and to deal with insect and spider eggs that have already been laid and will be hatching out within the structure. Follow-ups will also provide protection against new arrivals that are constantly invading the home from outside. Most our customers take regular follow-up treatments for protection year round to insure the best results and maintain the highest level of control over unwanted pests of all kinds.

The fact is, taking follow-up treatments on a regular basis and doing them on schedule is the only way to achieve the results that most people expect! Follow-ups are done at maintenance dosage to keep a structure controlled. Remember, follow-ups must be done at on schedule to retain your follow-up rate. If for any reason we are not able to service you within the allotted time frame we will have to do a new cleanout treatment to bring your home back into a controlled condition.

Although your scheduling staff will attempt to contact you for your follow-up treatment appointment several times we cannot be responsible for failure to take follow-ups on schedule. This is due to the fact that we have a tremendous number of customers to service each and every month. Therefore, if you have not heard from us, or if you get a late card in the mail by the time your follow-up is actually due, it means we have been unable to reach you by phone to schedule. Please call us immediately to make sure that you receive your follow-up treatments (and the follow-up rate) on schedule with no gaps.