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If your yard is under attack by hornets, wasps, yellow jackets or other stinging pests, don’t let yourself become a prisoner in your own home. Instead, learn about the hornet and wasp removal services that Budget Pest Control can offer.

Dangers Of Hornets And Wasps

Every year hundreds of people across the country die from being stung by hornets and wasps. One sting typically won’t cause a lot of problems unless you’re allergic; but if you are allergic, you can experience shortness of breath, difficult breathing and swallowing and hives. If this occurs, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately! Other mild allergy symptoms can include swelling where the sting occurred, pain and itchiness.

Even people who aren’t allergic can have severe health problems if they’re stung multiple times. These problems can include kidney failure, muscle breakdown and even death. The chances of these issues increase if the victim is elderly or a young child so it’s important to seek medical attention if you or a loved one starts to feel strangely after being stung.


How Budget Pest Control Can Help With Hornet And Wasp Removal

If you can see a nest, it’s easy to know you have a problem and that you need hornet and wasp removal services. Budget Pest Control can come out to remove the nest and then treat the area so that the wasps and hornets will not come back. Budget Pest Control also offers homeowners a warranty to ensure that the home is protected for 60 days. If hornets or wasps come back, Budget Pest Control will come back and retreat the area, as long as 60 days have not passed.

It’s also common to have a nest that homeowners can’t see. Clues that you have a problem could be a buzzing noise or seeing wasps or hornets going in and out from an entry or exit point. If you suspect that you have a nest that you can’t see, one of the worst things you can do is to seal it up! This traps the pests inside your home and they will eventually find a way into your home, which means your problem is now a bigger one. Instead, let Budget Pest Control handle the hornet and wasp removal.


We Treat Both the Interior & Exterior

The professionals from Budget Pest Control will treat both the interior and exterior of the home, guaranteeing that you’ll be problem free for 60 days. Some homeowners find that they get a nest in the same spot year after year. This doesn’t mean that your hornet and wasp removal is failing! It just means that the spot is an ideal one for these pests. What you’re actually seeing is a new colony every year — not the same one. To help with this, Budget Pest Control can come out and do a preventative treatment every 60 days. This is usually only for the most severe cases, but it is an option.

Hornets and wasps can cause serious problems. If you fear that your home and yard have been infested, call Budget Pest Control at (303) 790-7378 for hornet and wasp removal services. We’ll come out and take care of everything to ensure that you can enjoy your home without worry.


Bee Hive Removal

Honey bees are necessary to pollinating crops and flowers and are welcome additions to fields and gardens. When they invade your home or barn, it’s another matter, that warrants a call to Budget Pest Control, your experts for beehive removal.

About 1-2% of the population are hypersensitive to honey bee stings and experience a life-threatening reaction that requires immediate medical treatment. For the average person, being stung by a bee causes irritation, redness, and itching, but a bee sting is seldom fatal. In fact, you could “safely” sustain 10 stings per pound of body weight. (That equals 1,100 bee stings to kill an adult or 300 to kill a child.) Unless you are allergic, you can remove the stinger and treat the sting at home, only seeking medical attention if the swelling has not gone down in a few days.

Honey bees go about their business and do not attack humans unless provoked. If you make one mad or attack their hive, they go for it. Swarming bees are angry bees who could inflict multiple bites. Often, they swarm to protect their queen or when relocating to a new hive.


Bees Are "Opportunistic Builders"

Bees are often called “opportunistic builders” who make their nests on horizontal structures inside and out – or move into abandoned nests. Internally, this might be in attics near vent holes or accessible chimney joints, electrical boxes and plumbing openings, crawl spaces. They build wax honeycombs to store the honey.

If honey bees nest in your home, you risk structural damage. Bees don’t eat wood, but they leave honeycombs and honey deposits that can drip, rot, and attract other pests who might love the taste of your home. However, they do have an appetite for drywall, so can be pretty destructive in your walls.

When hives are outside, you should leave them alone if they are 100 feet away from humans, or positioned more than 40 feet high. If you see bees swarming around your eaves or roofline, they may have found an entry point to your home.


How Budget Pest Control Can Help With Beehive Removal

Since an average beehive might house 10,000-50,000 bees, you should think twice about attempting do-it-yourself bee hive removal. Given that bees are helpful creatures, you may want to have the bees relocated rather than killed. If so, contact a local beekeeper to do this job.

Once the bees are gone, you should still have the professionals from Budget Pest Control ascertain the damage, remove abandoned combs and honey, and treat the area to ward off future infestations. Then, you may need to call a contractor to open up the walls and then eliminate the access points and close up holes AFTER you are sure the bees are gone.


Try Our Six-Month Warranty

Knowing that permanent honey bee hive removal can be difficult, Budget Pest Control offers a six-month warranty against future visitors in the same spot – three months longer than for other pests. They offer same day service so you can serve the bees a quick eviction notice.

Though helpful partners in the food chain, honey bees can cause serious problems when they regard your home as a Motel 6. If you hear buzzing in your walls or see bees congregating at what could be an access point, call Budget Pest Control at (303) 790-7378 for beehive removal.