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If you’re hearing scratches in your attic space or between the walls, chances are good you have a squirrel infestation. These furry creatures are cute to look at, but not so cute when they’re inhabiting your home! Squirrels are most active in the very early morning hours, so if you’re hearing noises in the morning, but not any other time, call Budget Pest Control for help.

Why Do Squirrels Come In The Attic

Squirrels come into an attic for two reasons — to stay warm and to find food. Many squirrel mothers come to find a warm, safe place for their babies and if left alone, will typically leave after three months. However, instead of leaving the nest alone, it’s a better idea to have a squirrel removal specialist from Budget Pest Control come to your home and trap the mom and her babies. It’s not uncommon for squirrel moms to come back to the same nest for future litters so without removing them, you’ll be facing the same problem in a few months.


Problems Associated With Squirrels

Once the nest is gone it’s important to find the mother’s access point and seal it off so the infestation doesn’t reoccur. Squirrels can cause problems with electrical wiring since they like to chew through wires. They can also eat the wires in your car, which can lead to hefty repair bills. If the squirrel is unfortunate enough to die in your attic, you’ll also be faced with a smell that you won’t believe as it decomposes.


Squirrel Removal From Budget Pest Control

Although squirrels can be destructive, it’s a bad idea to try to poison them. First of all, there’s no legal method to poison squirrels so we won’t do it. Secondly, if you do try to do this yourself, you could cause the squirrel a very painful and inhumane death. Eventually, your attic will start to smell due to the decomposing squirrel carcass and many people report that the smell is worse than the squirrels were in the first place.

Instead, a squirrel removal specialist from Budget Pest Control will humanely trap the squirrel and relocate it. Squirrels caught by Budget Pest Control are relocated 20 miles, which is far enough to ensure that they won’t return to the home. If you can see where the squirrel entered the home, be sure to fix it so you won’t have another squirrel in your attic in the future.

Squirrels are cute, but they belong in the wild, not in your attic. If you fear that your home has been infested by these furry creatures, call Budget Pest Control at (303) 790-7378 for squirrel removal services. We’ll come to your home and handle squirrel removal humanely.


Rat Removal and Mouse Control in Denver

You may have loved the Pixar movie Ratatouille and even cheered on Remy, the talented little rat-chef who mobilized his family and friends to save a restaurant. In your own kitchen, however, you would consider rats, mice, or any other members of the rodent family as disgusting and disease-carrying intruders. Hire a professional Rat Removal and Mouse Control in Denver get them out, fast! And with good reason.


The Dangers Of Mice

Brown house mice only weigh ½ ounce but can do considerable damage in a home as they seek food and water. Able to enter your home through any opening greater than ¼’, they nibble their way through any food they find and contaminate both the food and the food-preparation surfaces they scamper across with feces.

Mice have an acute sense of smell, taste, hearing, and touch, so they are very good at finding food sources. Putting your food up high will not stop these determined creatures, as they can jump 13″ from the floor to a flat surface, run up rough vertical surfaces, and even cross horizontal wires or cables. Though particularly fond of cereal, they will eat many types of food.

When mice aren’t scavenging for food, they are nesting in your home and breeding. An adult female may have a litter of hungry babies every 21 days. The babies are mature in 6-10 weeks and live an average of 9-12 months. It is important to get rid of mice in your home at the early stage to prevent infestation.


The Horrors Of Rats

Both mice and rats have reached new population heights in some areas, as the pests move from regions with drought conditions to ones with more moisture. Like mice, rats take up residence in kitchens, garbage refuse areas, roof voids, under concrete, and in sub-floors, as they prepare to invade your pantry.

Rats take the unseemly characteristics of mice to a whole new level. They have incisor teeth that are constantly growing, so they are constantly gnawing on hard objects. When they feast on electrical cables, they can cause electrical fires. They are incontinent, so in addition to feces, they leave a trail of urine where they have been to guide them at night. What makes them even more dangerous is that they will attack humans and bite them, especially on the face.


See A Rat Or Mouse? Pest Control Solutions That May Minimize The Situation

Keeping food preparation and storage areas clean will discourage rodents from entering your home, but you will need to “rodent proof” your home by closing entry points and controlling the population. You may find glue and spring traps useful, but when you see trails of feces and evidence of gnawing from a rat and mouse, pest control from professionals is the only lasting solution.


Professional Rodent Control Measures

Professional rodent control or pest control service may use a combination of trapping and extermination through baiting. Trapping is often less effective, as neither mice nor rats will hesitate to chew off a body part or eat another rodent to escape a trap. They can also sense if a trap has been touched by humans. Using poison is particularly effective; as the pests cannot regurgitate what they eat, they will die after eating it.

CALL Budget Pest Control today at 303-790-7378 or send us a message if you need help with rat removal & mouse control in Denver. We will assess your infestation, and recommend a plan for one-time or continuing treatment. If we suggest baiting or trapping and removal the remedies we use will be safe for humans and pets.

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