Keep Your Home Pest Free With Non Toxic Pest Control Solutions


keep home safe and pest freeGetting rid of roaches, rats, and other household vermin used to mean spraying toxic chemicals throughout the home, which simply traded one problem for another. Greater awareness about the dangers of both pests and poisons and improved products and maintenance practices make pest control safer and more effective than ever.
There are many ways to make your home or business inhospitable to common pests without using toxic chemicals:

  • Cleanliness counts – Pests are attracted to food, warmth and humidity. Keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean and dry reduces the likelihood of infestation.
  • Seal up edibles – If pests cannot get to food products, they will go elsewhere to dine and reproduce. Of course, cockroach “food” includes things such as the glue used in cardboard boxes, and rats can chew through cereal boxes and electrical cords with equal ease. Sealing food in plastic or glass containers effectively hides the contents from potential vermin.
  • Keep a spray bottle filled with soapy water handy – Ants, roaches, and many other household pests die when sprayed with soapy water.
  • Block entry paths – Pests enter buildings through vents, pipe openings, and cracks. Caulking or otherwise sealing these points of entry significantly reduces pest infestations.

Just because pests are dead does not mean the problem is over. Dead roaches, rats, and other vermin can still bring disease, foul odors, and other infestation problems if they are not removed. If the following DIY ideas do not work for you, professional help is highly recommended. Today’s pest removal professionals offer natural pest removal and prevention, using tools, expertise, and products unavailable elsewhere.


Cleanliness and eliminating moisture are two important first steps in cockroach eradication. Sprinkling infested areas with borax or diatomaceous earth, both of which are toxic to roaches but not people, also helps. Since cockroaches avoid catnip, bay leaves, cucumber and garlic, they can be left out to deter future infestations.


The easiest nontoxic way to rid your home of ants is to destroy the colony by feeding them something that kills them. Sugar or honey can be added to borax, used coffee grounds, or uncooked grits or cream of wheat to make it palatable to the ants. Once consumed, these concoctions cause the ants to die. Wipe down ant trails with diluted vinegar. If you have pets, create a moat around food dishes using a pie pan with water. If you feed your pets outside, be sure to change the water frequently to avoid providing mosquito breeding grounds.


Eliminating a spider’s prey, the other pests in your home, is the easiest way to be rid of them. Also, trimming plants away from walls and keeping trash, lumber, and other debris away from the home will reduce spider infestations.


Homeowners should never remove hornet nests. The risk of hundreds of potentially fatal stings should always be left to the experts.

Rats & Mice

Rodents carry disease and destroy property, making eradication critical. DIY traps can be messy and put pets and children at risk. If keeping your home clean and blocking points of entry does not work, hiring professional pest removal services is your best bet. While cats may kill these vermin, the diseases carried can transfer to your pet, putting them (and you) at risk.

Ridding your home or business of common pests no longer requires exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals, but it does require cleanliness, sealing points of entry, and understanding your opponents. When all else fails, ask for help from trained professionals.